Guide to Doing Business
in Suriname

The branch of a foreign legal entity

A foreign legal entity may establish a branch in Suriname. The branch of a foreign legal entity (filiaal van een buitenlandse rechtspersoon) is not codified in Suriname and therefore does not have legal personality. For the establishment of a branch in Suriname, the foreign legal entity must be established in another country than Suriname pursuant to the relevant legal requirements of that country. The branch operates under the name of the foreign parent company.

The manager (branch manager) is responsible for the day-to-day affairs of the branch and must render account for the business operations and turnover to the parent company. The branch is required to comply with the legal provisions of Suriname and is taxable.

The Chamber of Commerce of Suriname states that the branch manager is the one who decides when the branch of the foreign legal entity is to be terminated. In reality the branch manager will only be able to do this after instruction and consent of the foreign parent company.