Guide to Doing Business
in Suriname

Structures for doing business

Regulation regarding structures for doing business under private law which can be used in Suriname are contained in various laws (such as the Surinamese Commercial Code, the Act on Foundations, the Act on Cooperative Associations and the Surinamese Civil Code). The structures for doing business are:

  • the sole proprietorship (de eenmanszaak);
  • partnerships (maatschappen);
  • the limited liability company (de naamloze vennootschap; N.V.);
  • the foundation (stichtingen); and
  • the (cooperative) association (coöperatieve vereniging).

The limited liability company and the sole proprietorship are the most common structures for doing business in Suriname. In order to further stimulate Suriname as an emerging economy several laws have been amended and implemented, such as the Act Suriname Business Forum which is implemented to actively promote the collaboration between the local private sector and the public sector for the purpose of lasting economic growth and employment in Suriname.

In 2012 a Government entity IDCS (Investment and Development Corporation Suriname) has been established a one stop liaison for counseling on foreign investments.