Guide to Doing Business
in Suriname

Real estate

In Suriname, legislation related to real estate is contained in various laws, such as:

  • the Suriname Civil Code (Burgerlijk Wetboek);
  • the Agriculture Act (Agrarische Wet 1937);
  • the Buildings Act (Bouwwet);
  • the Buildings Decree No. 1 (Bouwbesluit no. 1);
  • the Urban Planning Act (Stedebouwkundige Wet);
  • the Monuments Act (Monumentenwet 2002);
  • the Expropriation Urban Planning Development and Residential Facility Act (Wet Onteigening Stedebouwkundige ontwikkeling en Woningvoorziening); and
  • the Hire Purchase Real Estate Act (Wet Huurkoop Onroerend Goed).

Legislation with respect to the lease of real estate, can be found in various laws such as:

  • the Suriname Civil Code (Burgerlijk Wetboek)
  • the Tenant Protection Act (Huurbeschermingswet); and
  • the Lease Value Tax Act (Wet huurwaardebelasting 1995).

Legislation in Suriname also involves certain laws with respect to spatial planning such as:

  • the Decree Principles Land Policy (Decreet Beginselen Grondbeleid);
  • the Decree Legal Status Land allocated before 1 July 1982 (Decreet Rechtstoestand vóór 1 juli 1982 uitgegeven gronden);
  • the Decree allocation of State-owned Land (Decreet Uitgifte Domeingrond); and
  • an (outdated 1904) Expropriations Act (Onteigeningswet).