Guide to Doing Business
in Suriname

Real estate

In Suriname, legislation related to real estate is contained in various laws, such as the Suriname Civil Code (Burgerlijk Wetboek), the Agriculture Act (Agrarische Wet 1937), the Buildings Act (Bouwwet), the Buildings Decree No. 1 (Bouwbesluit no. 1), the Urban Planning Act (Stedebouwkundige Wet), the Monuments Act (Monumentenwet 2002), the Expropriation Urban Planning Development and Residential Facility Act (Wet Onteigening Stedebouwkundige ontwikkeling en Woningvoorziening) and the Hire Purchase Real Estate Act (Wet Huurkoop Onroerend Goed). With respect to the lease of real estate, various laws such as the Tenant Protection Act (Huurbeschermingswet) and the Rental Value Tax Act (Wet huurwaardebelasting 1995) apply, in addition to the Suriname Civil Code. Legislation in Suriname also involves certain laws with respect to spatial planning such as the Decree Principles Land Policy (Decreet Beginselen Grondbeleid), the Decree Legal Status Land allocated before 1 July 1982 (Decreet Rechtstoestand vóór 1 juli 1982 uitgegeven gronden), the Decree allocation of State-owned Land (Decreet Uitgifte Domeingrond) and an (outdated 1904) Expropriations Act (Onteigeningswet).