Guide to Doing Business
in Suriname

Legal system

Suriname has a civil law system, which is based on the Dutch law system because Suriname was part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands until 1975. The Civil Code of Suriname is the main body in the law system.


The judiciary is headed by the Court of Justice, which is the highest court of Suriname. This court supervises the cantonal courts after appeals. The judges and the Prosecutor General are appointed for life by the Cabinet in consultation with the Court of Justice. There are only 19 active appointed judges, most procedures face serious delays.

Dispute settlement by arbitration

Since 2014 the Suriname Arbitration Institute has been re-activated.

Labour disputes

The Labour Dispute Law 1946 regulates settlement of labour disputes, not subject to Civil Code litigations by a Mediation Board. The Mediation Board is widely recognized for their settlement of labour disputes between employers and labour uninons.