Guide to Doing Business
in Suriname

Foreign nationals

With respect to immigration to Suriname, a distinction is made between three (3) categories of foreign nationals:

  • foreign nationals requiring a visa;
  • foreign nationals exempt from a visa requirement; and
  • foreign nationals with a PSA status (Persons with Surinamese Roots).

Foreign nationals requiring a visa that intend to remain in Suriname for a period of longer than three (3) months must apply for a Temporary Stay in their country of origin. Accordingly, those traveling to Suriname as tourists, do not require a Temporary Stay for the duration of their stay. However, should they wish to exceed the allowed period of touristic stay, they will not be able to apply for their Temporary Stay in Suriname, but will  have to leave Suriname and apply from their country of origin.

Foreign nationals from visa exempt countries (see Tourists and visas) are exempted from the Temporary Stay procedure.

Suriname additionally makes a distinction when it comes to foreign nationals of Surinamese descent. This category – irrespective of their nationality – are exempt from the Temporary Stay procedure, provided they meet the necessary requirements for qualifying as foreign nationals of Surinamese descent. The latter are permitted a maximum stay of six (6) months. However, visitors of Surinamese descent wishing to remain in Suriname for a period longer than six (6) months should apply for a residence permit.

In accordance with the PSA Law 2014 the PSA status, on request, can be granted to persons with Surinamese roots (person born in Suriname from parents with a permanent stay in Suriname or not born in Suriname with one parent or grandparent born in Suriname). The PSA status is for 5 years and can be prolonged on request and entitles the PSA person to a visa exemption, a resident permit and license to work.