Guide to Doing Business
in Suriname

Annual leave

According to the Vacation Act 1975, (“Vakantiewet 1975) every employee who works  a full calendar year without interruption for the same employer, is entitled to 12 vacation days a year. Taking up vacation is mandatory. An employee is considered to be employed without interruption if the number of his permitted absent days does not exceed the number of 30 days, excluding the days of sick leave and industrial accidents.

For every year that the employee works for a full calendar year without interruptions for the same employer, two vacation days are earned, up until the employee is awarded a maximum of 18 vacations days a year by operation of law. The employer is however free to award more vacation days to his employees. Vacation allowance per vacation day (minimal 50% of the normal salary) must be paid in addition to normal salary. Vacation days must be taken ultimately in the next year and can-not be compensated with a notice period for termination of the labour agreement.