Guide to Doing Business
in Bonaire

New development plan

Due to the fact that until recently there was no development plan in force on Bonaire, it was difficult, if not impossible, to determine what requirements should be met when planning to build on Bonaire. The government was also lacking the necessary legal and administrative tools to deal with the rapid growth and development on the island.

In light of the recent construction boom on Bonaire, the Island Executive of Bonaire on 9 October 2010 introduced a new development plan for Bonaire, which plan shall be applicable next to the Building and Housing Ordinance.

The development plan ensures a well balanced growth and durable development in order to stay in alignment with the envisioned future of Bonaire.

The development plan consists of general zoning rules, in which zoning designations distinguish between residential, business, retail trade and service purposes, recreational, social (public welfare), traffic, agricultural purposes and preservation of nature and scenery. A building permit application is denied if and when a request is filed, which is not in conformity with the zoning designations pursuant to the development plan.

According to the development plan, the maximum height of buildings in zones that are designated for residential purposes, apart from exceptions, shall be eight meters. In some other cases eleven or fourteen meters maximum heights shall be applicable.