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ARUBA | Deregistration from the Aruba Nationality Register

Deregistration from the Aruba Nationality Register (NR) takes place among other things by the (legal) person which has registered the aircraft. In some cases, the aircraft will be deregistered ex officio. This may be the case when the lease has ended, when the aircraft will be registered in a Nationality Register of another country or for instance upon the request of the lessee, if the lessee initially registered the aircraft in the NR.

The debtor in the meaning of the Cape Town Convention may issue an irrevocable de-registration and export request authorisation (“IDERA”) in favour of an authorized party and lodge the IDERA with the DCA, that keeps the NR. The authorized party may request the NR to de-register the aircraft. Pursuant to the Cape Town Convention the NR, subject to applicable safety laws and regulations, will honour such request, provided that certain formalities are complied with.