Guide to Doing Business
in St. Eustatius

Dutch citizens

Regulations regarding Dutch and US citizens to whom the WTU-BES equally applies are rather flexible. Dutch and US citizens may reside within the BES islands as a tourist for six months during a period of one year (the so-called free term). During this period it is allowed to work for a short period of time, look for a job and make enquiries with regard to envisaged residence in the BES islands. During such a tourist stay it is prohibited to perform paid work for a period exceeding three months. In case it is intended to perform work within the BES islands for a period exceeding three months (commencing on the day of arrival within the BES islands), or in case the envisaged stay is longer than six months, an application for admission by law must be filed. It should be noted that the applicable time limits must be observed by the Dutch or US citizen himself.

An application for admission by law is granted to Dutch or US citizens under the following conditions:

  • Certificate of good conduct (from countries resided in the previous 5 years);
  • Housing;
  • Sufficient means of support.

End of permission by law

Admission by law ends in case the purpose for which admission by law was granted has ended.

With regard to the foreign nationals who (i) are born within the BES islands, (ii) have reached the age of sixteen and (iii) have had continuous admission to the BES islands from birth, admission by law ends in case of a continuous stay outside of the BES islands for a period of three years or longer for other reasons than medical treatment or educational purposes.