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Tourists & visas

A ‘tourist’ is defined as any person who resides within the BES islands for a maximum period of three months for purposes of relaxation, health reasons, family matters, family visit, study, religious purposes or business visits and does not perform work for remuneration during his or her stay. Based on policy of the government, it is possible for foreign nationals who require a visa to visit all parts of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Caribbean region with a short stay visa. The allowed maximum length of a tourist stay depends on the foreign national’s country of origin. Pursuant to the WTU-BES, in principle, all tourists may reside within the BES islands without having a temporary residence permit (the so-called free period, vrije termijn), for a maximum period of three months per calendar year in total, for all countries in the Caribbean. Each continuous period of stay in any one country may not exceed 30 days. Dutch citizens may reside within the BES Islands for a period of six months per year without having to apply for admission or applying for a visa.


Please note that, in principle, most tourists are under the obligation to apply for a short term visa at the Dutch embassy or consulate in the country of origin prior to travelling to the BES islands. The application form(s), attached hereto as Annex 1, must be completed. Please note that there a number of countries that are exempted from the visa requirement as well as certain categories of foreign nationals.

A short term visa cannot be used to obtain a (temporary) residence permit in order to be able to stay longer within the BES islands. In order to obtain a (temporary) residence permit, the foreign national must first return to the country of origin (or country of continuous residence) and apply at the Dutch embassy or consulate for a MVV. Please note that  upon return, foreign nationals may not re-apply for another short stay visa for a consecutive period. Should a longer stay be  required, the foreign national can apply for a MVV.