Guide to Doing Business
in Curaçao

Dutch citizens

Legal regulation pertaining to immigration by Dutch citizens is rather flexible. Dutch citizens can apply for admission by right (toelating van rechtswege).

Dutch citizens may reside in Curaçao as a tourist for six months. During this period it is allowed to look for a job and make enquiries with regard to envisaged residence in Curaçao. It is prohibited to work or to do an internship during a tourist stay.

From the moment a Dutch citizen is going to work in Curaçao or wants to extend his stay, an application for admission by right must be filed. Contrary to other Foreign nationals, Dutch citizens may be present in Curaçao when filing the application for admission by right. After filing the application and pending the application process for admission by right,  Dutch citizens may be present at the workplace as well.

The application process for admission by right has to be handled within a reasonable term. The authorities are under the obligation to decide within four months in order to comply with the reasonable period.

Dutch nationals applying for admission by right are granted admission to Curaçao for an indefinite period of time as long as they fulfil certain requirements. Depending on the purpose of the residence, admission by right may be granted for a certain period.

Admission by right ends in case the  Dutch citizen relocates abroad for more than one year. As a result a new application for admission by right has to be filed.

Please note that admission by right does not implicate a right to doing business. With regard to the incorporation of a new business additional licenses may be required, e.g. a business license or a director’s license, and certain restrictions may be applicable depending on the nature of business or duration of the residence in Curaçao.