Guide to Doing Business
in Saba

Planning & zoning regulations

Saba adopted the Island Ordinance Spatial Development Saba 2010 which instructed to institute a study, as regards the existing situation and as regards the possible and advisable development of the island territory, for a good spatial development of the island territory and with a view to the finalizing of development plans.

The zoning regulations may contain provisions to the effect that it is prohibited to execute certain works, not being structures or activities, within an area indicated in the plan, without or in deviation of a written permit from the Executive Council (civil works permit). There may be conditions attached to such a permit. These works and activities may concern, among other:

  • leveling, raising, surfacing or blasting of the ground;
  • construction of roads and other property surfacing;
  • installing aboveground or underground structures, installations or equipment;
  • works and activities which could influence the water management and the groundwater level;
  • installation of wharves or berthing places;
  • the clearing of trees or other growth;
  • planting of the grounds;
  • the demolishing of structures;
  • the running off of water.
  • Impact on terrestrial or marine biodiversity.

Under certain circumstances, interested parties who, as a result of local zoning plans, suffer plan-related damages, are entitled to compensation from the government.